Be Sure Your Security Skills are Up to Date

Guard Dog AttackingIt seems like each new day brings yet another reminder that one obvious path to IT success is through expertise in security issues. The latest example: The hacker group LulzSec penetrated the U.S. Senate’s public website, though officials say no private data as compromised.

It’s just the latest in an endless string of high-profile hacks that makes it clear security is top-of-mind not only for global corporate behemoths and governments, but also for every small business that sends out a salesperson with a badly protected laptop.

With all of the recent attacks on Sony, it’s almost possible to feel some pity for the company, which seems to be a favorite target of the online underworld. There’s the Lockheed security fob attack, the Google Gmail China attack, and tomorrow there will likely be another one.

Security certifications are perennially some of the most popular to acquire, and it’s easy to see why. Security gurus have an expertise that’s very much in demand, and even if you don’t specialize, an up-to-date working knowledge of security threats and defenses is a necessity for anyone holding any IT post.

Ask yourself this: Do you know more about security than your co-workers? Do you talk about it more eloquently? Then you’re one big step ahead already.