3 Responses to “DiceTV: Are Cover Letters Really Necessary?”

  1. RoTimi Waddy

    I think that this video provides some pretty good information regarding cover letters in the current job climate. While I’ve heard it all before, its still nice to know that these strategies (MAY) help in garnishing some attention and a possible interview.

    My biggest question is, if HR people want a non-generic cover letter so much these days, why do some companies make it so darn difficult to find the specific hiring manager’s details, so that we can actually tailor the cover letter (Specifically) to them and have the best chance of actually being considered for an interview? I know I know, people say search for this information.

    Search on LinkedIn, the Web, Facebook or call the company directly in order to find out this information. Guess what? What if you do all of that to no avail? Then what? Send a generic cover letter and be thrown into the black hole or deleted from further consideration for the job? OMG, this job search stuff is really getting dizzying and quite annoying to say the least.

    • Italia

      Dizzying? After awhile, it is (May I repeat)blah, blah, blah. But all the information does help. Reading is the way to go to beat out competition. Suffice to say many people do not like to read, they think looking at a computer all day is reading. Give me a book (Or a good written article) about job hunting anytime to beat out the competition. Trust me it works.

  2. I agree with Rotimi that it is difficult these days to find out the hiring manager’s details. However, I think that is where networking comes in handy. If you know (or can get to know) someone in the company where you are applying, you can find out that information, or even better yet, get them to submit your resume and cover letter for you.