Three Opportunities Where You Might Not Expect Them

Rapid changes in technology make some people wonder what they’ll be doing and where they’ll be doing it in a few years. If you’re one of them, here’s a few rising job areas you may not have thought of.

Digital Lighting Networks

Combining information technology with lighting was only a pipe dream a few years ago. Now, over a dozen Silicon Valley startups are working on high-efficiency bulbs or lighting control systems that automatically adjust themselves to achieve maximum efficiency. The San Jose Mercury News says investors have targeted $100 billion for the industry, and Google has partnered with Florida-based Lighting Science Group to create the first Android-controlled LED bulb.

Home Robotics

Robots are integral to manufacturing and distribution, and they’ve even ventured into the operating room. Now experts predict that robots will invade our homes and create thousands of jobs for highly skilled professionals to build, program and repair the machines.


Beyond automating patient records, Wendy Enelow, founder of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, predicts a need for bio-botic physicians — people who repair medical devices and resolve complications between natural biology and nanobots (biological machines). Wade Roush, writer for foresees a need for information hospitalists who tote iPads and work with patients, nurses, doctors, pharmacies, labs and insurance companies to make sure data flows easily between them.