Do You need (or Want) 169 Terabytes of Traffic Per Second? (Video)


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a completely flat network, with no need to keep spanning it out? That’s the promise of the data center switching blueprint from Alcatel-Lucent and the OmniSwitch 10K which provides 256 10 Gig ports. To win the Interop Award 2011 in Las Vegas, Alcatel-Lucent provided a series of IT solutions for server-to-server traffic with low latency and an application services manager that can extend the boundaries of the data center to include a hybrid cloud model.

Watch Cliff Grossner, Khurram Khawaja and Edgard Vargas from Alcatel-Lucent explain what they did a lot better than I can.

Khawaja says that with just two OmniSwitch 10Ks, data center fabric capacity can scale up to an unprecedented 169 terabytes per second.