DiceTV’s Ask Cat: How Can I Tweak My Resume to Break Into a New Industry?

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Can you re-apply to a job, after you’ve already sent your application in? And how can you customize your resume to make you an attractive candidate in an industry you’ve never worked in before? Cat tells us the answers.

4 Responses to “DiceTV’s Ask Cat: How Can I Tweak My Resume to Break Into a New Industry?”

  1. Jimbo99

    Of course you can resubmit. Additional job skills & experience can occur anytime. Update your resume & profile, it’s why some places have accounts set up. And that item that was omitted, maybe it’s more pertinent to the position than you thought initially ? Employers change the Job Titles & Descriptions for their postings just the same when recycling a job posting. Like anything, there are features to any product that aren’t listed. Does it hurt to bring it up later/after the initial application. I doubt it, and maybe it answers a question about having a skill that is assumed as a feature, that another may not have delivered. Get credit and blow your horn when you have a skill, some might be unimpressed but then again, the hiring manager themself more than likely doesn’t have that skill ? Or may be too lazy or wouldn’t take the pay cut to perform that task even ?

  2. Glenn Lego

    I have just in the last year finished a Bachelor’s degree in IT from an online college (American InterContinental University). The problem is I can’t get a job because I have no experience and I have no experience because I’m not finding anyone who will hire me. I am 64 years of age. My whole life (including the military service) I have been in Material Handling, Storekeeping, Logistics, etc. I also live in one of the “unemployment capitals” of the US, Rockford, Illinois. I have tried to submit my resume to Dice for a free critique but I cannot access the link (what’s up with that?)