Courtesy of Intel: a Virtual Tour of Your Very Own Museum

Museum of Me - Videos

Anyone who’s not too paranoid about privacy can now have a virtual museum of themselves, thanks to Intel’s new Web app — The Museum of Me.

Once you’ve granted the Web app access to your Facebook account, it’ll start gathering the data it needs to put up an exhibition which is “a journey of visualization that explores who you are.”

In under a minute, you can start admiring your past memories and social life. It shows some of your closest friends in the beginning, followed by a photo gallery, locations, words from your status updates, videos — and ending with robotic arms picking up and assembling photos of you and your friends into a mosaic that shows your network and, naturally, an Intel Core i5 logo.

There will also be some “virtual visitors” to the museum, looking into your personal life as if you’re a superstar, while a soothing music by Takagi Masakatsu plays in the background.

You’re probably gonna love what you see but alas, there’s no way to download the video.

Source: Intel