ASUS Padfone Puts Smartphones and Tablets into One Device


There’s only so much a manufacturer can do with a user interface to differentiate its Android device from others. To thrive, they have to have a team cracking their heads and trying to innovate.

The result? Out of the norm gadget combinations — like the Motorola Atrix 4G, ASUS Eee Pad Slider and Transformer.

Now, ASUS has announced yet another concept — the Padfone, a smartphone and tablet combination. When naming the product, the ASUS guys must have been obsessed with the “kill the iPad, kill the iPhone” chant — concluding that Padfone sounded all classy, even better with its tagline, “Make The Switch.”

The package comes with a normal Android smartphone and a tablet case. Once docked, the smartphone will be fully enclosed in the case’s belly, and the tablet comes to life.

What you’ll see on the tablet’s 10.1-inch screen is essentially the docked smartphone, but now bigger, up from 4.3-inch. The tablet case also comes with a pair of speakers and a battery pack — pumping juice to the smartphone when you need it most.

The immediate advantage the Padfone: No need for another data plan. Even better, there’s no need to fork out another $20 or $30 just to tether.

According to Engadget, ASUS will turn the concept into a reality by the end of the year, loading it with the latest Android version for smartphone.

Pricing is unknown at this point. But the only great products with not-so-great pricing have Apple’s logo on them. If you don’t have that, your price better be low.