Update: VMWare, Lowe’s Need Help Expanding Tech Operations

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Hiring in both the east and the west… Details of the cyber attack on Lockheed Martin’s systems… and the job hunting dynamic seems to be changing – in your favor. All on this week’s Update.

One of Silicon Valley’s biggest real estate deals means some big hiring in Palo Alto. VMWare is adding more than 1 million square feet of space to its headquarters in the Stanford Research Park. With the move comes up to 2,500 new jobs. That would make VMWare the largest employer in Palto Alto, except for Stanford.

Meanwhile in the east, the home improvement giant Lowe’s needs to fill about 300 IT jobs, including 150 new ones. They’ll be based in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company’s home. Lowe’s needs to support the operations of more than 1,750 stores nationwide, create better processes and applications for Lowes.com, ensure secure data sharing and storage, and prepare for future platforms. It now has more than 1,000 full-time IT workers.

Over the weekend, Lockheed Martin confirmed it was the target of an aggressive online attack earlier this month. It said its security team detected the attack almost immediately, and protected all of its systems so no data’s been compromised. InformationWeek says the hackers tried to break in through Lockheed’s VPN access system, which uses RSA SecurID hardware tokens. They apparently had the factory-encoded keys used by at least some of Lockheed’s SecurID hardware fobs. They also seem to have had serial numbers and the underlying security algorithm.  InformationWeek says all this suggests the attackers may be the same people behind March’s hack on EMC’s RSA division, which makes SecurID. This isn’t good news for EMC. If it’s confirmed RSA information was a part of the attack, the company could be forced to publically reveal any risks using the system could pose to users.

Trends in tech employment keep edging up. Silicon Valley’s unemployment level fell in April to its lowest point in more than two years. Santa Clara County’s unemployment rate stepped down to 9.9 percent, the first time it’s been below double digits since February 2009. San Mateo County’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.2 percent from 8.4 percent in March. In the San Jose area, the information sector has added 5,600 jobs in the past 12 months, a 13 percent gain. The best part of all this is hints at a change in the hiring dynamic. One recruiter sees the landscape going from companies having their pick of candidates to candidates having their pick of companies.

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  1. Job seeker

    I’ve been looking for the right opportunity in Silicon Valley though I’m across the country. I’ve noticed a big difference in the year of casually looking. There’s definitely a switch going on! It’s definitely looking great for those that are looking for the right opportunity instead of something that will fit for now.