Citizen Outs a Solar-powered Satellite-syncing Watch

Citizen Eco DriveSelf-setting watches are nothing new. If you live in the U.S. , the UK , Germany or Japan there are a wide range of watches that will sync your time to the atomic clock via radio waves. It’s simple and convenient unless you are surrounded by mountains or live in one of the hundreds of other countries that aren’t included in the above list.

Citizen hopes to change things with their new limited edition Eco-Drive Satellite Wave. Instead of using radio waves, Citizen’s new timepiece uses GPS signals — which can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. The watch offers World Time in 26 cities and packs in a perpetual calendar, but the best “other” feature — as far as this author is concerned — is the Eco-drive (solar) mechanism. Not having to wind it or change batteries goes a long way.

As of yet, there is no word on pricing or availability. Citizen watches can range from being surprisingly cheap to surprisingly expensive — and given this one’s novel functionality, it would seem fair to assume that Eco-Drive Satellite Wave sits at the most expensive end of that spectrum, where there is plenty of competition.