Meet Dot, A 360º Add-On Lens For iPhone 4

Kogeto Dot

We’ve previously covered GoPano micro, a gadget that lets you capture 360º videos on the iPhone 4. If you think that’s too big to carry around meet Dot, a similar add-on lens for the iPhone 4, but way smaller — and twice the price.

Kogeto Dot is designed to provide a hands-free experience. Just put the phone face down and let it do all the work capturing panoramic videos while you’re enjoying the party. (It’s advisable to have “Find My iPhone” installed, in case someone gets away with yours while it’s unattended.)

You can also carry it around and have it capture your surrounding as you’re roaming the place — but it’s a little awkward holding your phone with the screen facing down.

The project’s reached its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter (go check out the intro video), but will still be accepting pledges until July 3rd. Backers who’ve pledged $47 or more will be invited to the launch party this summer in New York City.

To be among the first to receive a Dot, you have to pledge at least $98. That’s around twice the price of a GoPano micro, available for backers pledging $50 or more during its funding phase on Kickstarter.

Check out these interactive sample videos on Kogeto.