Lady Gaga Leaves Farmville, Nearly Crashes Amazon

Lady Gaga - Born This WayAll those little monsters took Amazon’s $0.99 Lady Gaga album promotion head on and brought Amazon digital download site to its knees. PC Magazine said that a purchase from the magazine’s offices took 45 minutes to get one song while the rest sat in queue at 0 percent. I was able to downloaded the album (ahem, strictly for the 20GB of free cloud storage) at 10 p.m. and had no problems.

For Amazon, the promotion may have unintended consequences. The company used the Lady Gaga release to introduce its new cloud music service, and die hard cloud adopters will surely forgive this test run. But all those little monsters who are unhappy with the cloud service have sucker punched the site with low ratings, which may scare off the casual user and late adopter, who didn’t even know about this promotion.

Here’s a typical comment from a customer who gave the album two stars (because of the service, not the music):

I can’t listen to the songs, I cannot download them, I cannot interact with them. Only “Hair” seems to be available to me right now. I am going to fire off an e-mail to customer service…

In the less virtual world, fans lined up around the block, some waiting as long as 30 hours to visit Lady Gaga in person at Manhattan’s Union Square Best Buy. We can only imagine how those who couldn’t reach the pop superstar expressed their disappointment. Maybe they gave the street one star because it couldn’t accommodate everyone in a timely manner?

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