Borders Launching Touchscreen Kobo eReader

Less than a week ago, Dino covered the story about Barnes & Noble’s new upcoming Nook eReader. Now here we are talking about the new Kobo eReader courtesy of Borders. This is a 6-inch” e-ink-based eReader that pretty much is meant to compete with the Amazon Kindle.

Kobo Touch eReaderWhile the Kindle has a leg up in terms of raw features, what differentiates the Kobo is that it’s a touchscreen eReader, as opposed to the usual d-pad control. What’s more, it’s priced more than reasonably at $129, and competes directly with the 6inch Kindle which costs $139 (Note: the ad-supported model is $114).

It’ll be WiFi and PDF-capable, and have 1GB of internal storage (1,000 books), as well as a micro-SD slot. Battery life is rated at up to two weeks or 10,000 page turns.

The Kobo Touch launches July 30 and you can pre-order it right now from in a variety of colors including lilac, blue and silver. So if you’d like to stop clicking and start pointing, then you need only wait two more months.