Lady Gaga Vs. Pac Man? Not a Fair Fight

Lady GagaI love Lady Gaga so much I may even start playing Farmville. As you’ve probably heard,  the Lady’s moved into Zynga’s hugely popular game and opened up her own spread, GagaVille, where you can to stream songs from her new album, Born This Way. Alas, she’s only renting apparently. She moves out on May 26.

But should Farmville be the only game that gets Gaga in to play? Christian Blauvelt of came up with a list that he says could use a Gaga makeover. You know,  games that are a couple years old and have lost their edge. Think Pac Man with LG stepping in for Pinky, who craves “Pac Man with cannibalistic glee.” Yeah, that fits. It could be enough to get you through the pesky 256th level.

Or Grand Theft Auto: The Monster Ball opens up and bankrupts the Liberty City Café. The place’ll be so popular, no one will steal cars anymore.

See Christian’s whole list here.

Photo: Aphrodite-in-NYC under Creative Commons