Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Could Have Apple Looking Over Its Shoulder

The iPad seems to have the momentum of a bullet train, with everyone else’s tablet trotting along like a local on New Jersey Transit. That could soon change, in June specifically, when Samsung introduces its Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Don’t confuse this gadget with Samsung’s previous Galaxy Tabs, which Xconomy’s Wade Roush calls an “awkward, plasticky, overgrown phone .” The new version is a close cousin of Apple’s iPad, and a real competitor, too.

Roush says the Galaxy Tab stacks up well in several areas:

  • Its wide 1.6:1 screen ratio.
  • Two speakers, letting you get stereo sound without headphones. (It’s louder too, if you like the Pet Shop Boys or someone like that.)
  • Better cameras, front and back.
  • Android.
  • Its prices, which are the same as the iPad’s: $499 for 16 gigabytes and $599 for 32 gigabytes. There isn’t a 64-gigabyte unit.

Among the downsides: Fewer apps and less ease of use. It’s not that the Galaxy Tab is difficult, but it trades the iPad’s simplicity for more flexibility, and flexibility means a more complex approach to simple tasks (there’s no home button, for example).

A game changer in the tablet market? Who knows. So far no one’s come close to slowing Apple down in the tablet wars. But Samsung looks like it’s at least going to come close.

Source: Xconomy

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  1. @Bob: Looks like the Galaxy Tab dispenses with the regular Home button in favor of a three-button approach: one indeed sends you to the home screen, one’s basically a “back” button, one sends you to the home screen, and one shows you the last five apps you accessed. So, it’s not quite as simple as having a single-button approach.

  2. uh, I see a home button on the stock picture… This is a terrible device IMO, to stack up against the ipad and its competitive advantage is that its the same price sets it up as a failure, since every other droid tablet out there is much cheaper. Minus the xoom which is another issue.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I love competition and advancements in tech industry. In order to fight something apple has created you cant go the same or ‘slightly’ better, because in the end Apple will look at it and say ‘meh’ we are still better because its Apple. The original article points to two speakers, a better MP camera, etc… At the end of the day Android will be a better deal after it has matured a little more (ie removing all the different denominations) and its ‘open’ abilities will make it more attractive for the masses, the same way PC overpopulates apple computers. Now I might just be ranting or this is just another extension of people liking the ‘underdogs’ to come victorious. Either way its always in good fun!

  3. WHY would the Samsung pose a bigger threat to Apple than Motorola, Acer, and Asus? Because it’s thinner and lighter? It has the same CPU, memory, storage, and OS. It’s priced the same as Apple and Motorola, which is to much and more than Acer and Asus.

    I am so tired of Talking Head comparing the iPAD and the Android tablets, because they look similar. They are each targeted to totally different demographics, and no one seems to get it, including the manufactures.

  4. Mark S.

    I have been using Apple products since 1979 and nothing beats them.
    It’s about the user experience, quality of the hardware, the software, customer support, the total package.
    Nobody can offer anything that can come close.

  5. Will it run Netflix? Once android starts supporting Netflix, a whole user base will be opened up. I just hope the do it before all the carriers switch to pay per bit pricing. When the masses adopt fat web based apps they may stand up and demand all you can eat bits and net neutrality. .

  6. Definitely fits with the classic iPhone vs. Android Phone. So I will put in my 2 cents and drop a quarter into he mix 🙂

    All nice devices, but the buyer *should* first ask themselves “What would I like to do with this?”

    I’ve played with a fair few iPads, I ordered a Xoom, but sent it back. I figured if I wwas going to get a mobile device between smartphone and laptop/netbook size, it needs to be *fully featured*.

    Finally after years of dreaming, Asus delivers their new slate PCs… I have the EP121 and love it… 12″ screen, multitouch, stylus /tablet, Bluetooth keyboard included, Intel core i5, 4gb RAM, 64gb Ssd, with Windows 7 loaded… I have office 2010 pro, Adobe CS5, Visual Studio 2010, and they all run rather nicely. It replaces an old tablet, a bigger laptop, and a netbook. Each of which I used to have a specific use for.

    I even have angry birds, thanks to Intel AppUp 😀 since that’s what a touch screen is really for.

    So to sum it up…
    If you love iTunes, or have all your music and videos with it, go for an iPad.
    If you want a fancy maps, voice navigation, or better Google integration, go for an Android flavor, and play with them at best buy or frys before you decide… They each have a different feel.
    If you need Windows apps, go for the new Asus devices, there are a few new ones coming out this summer.

    Posted with an HTC ThunderBolt… Awesome device, HTC tweaks vs Motorola tweaks are annoying…