Sitting All Day is More Harmful Than You Think (Infographic)

What do tech workers across the globe have in common? They spend most of their day facing computer screens, typing and clicking away, getting things done — sitting nearly motionlessly the whole time.

As harmless as it seems, our body pays hefty price for sitting all day long. People who sit more than six hours a day are twice as likely to have heart diseases and 40 percent more likely to die within 15 years compared to people who sit less than three hours per day.

That’s according to the infographic below, from Medical Billing And Coding.

Sitting is inevitable for most of us, but we can minimize the harm done by doing some light exercises and stretches every half an hour or so. And while you’re sitting, make sure you are getting your posture right. Easier said than done I know. My posture is far from optimum while I’m writing this.

Sitting is killing you

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