Want a 3D Android? Best Buy Can Hook You Up, But Don’t Tell Anyone

HTC EVO 3DIf you’re dying for a 3D Android phone, get to Best Buy and ask for it. An internal memo says staffers can talk about pre-orders, but only to customers who ask specifically about the Sprint EVO 3D. Say the name of another phone in the same sentence, and you’re out of luck.

Android Community got ahold of the memo. Here’s part of it:

Do NOT actively promote this pre-sale until it’s formally announced. Do NOT create signage and drive customers towards this pre-sale. This is meant to capture only those customers coming into our stores inquiring about the EVO 3D who otherwise are not purchasing another phone today. In other words, if a customer asks, you can tell him or her about the pre-sale. Otherwise, mum’s the word.

How bad do you want it? See this demo and decide.

Source: Android Community via Business Insider/SAI

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  1. Fytheler

    ONE slight problem. NOT one application is for truely a human-like mechanism/ house hold appliance that can walk and talk like a human. Isn’t a ANDROID a human-like robot? (Of course, maybe I’m too sensitive since I’m a Robotist designing a TRUE ANDROID for a ever-growing “Baby Boomer” demographic, not another ‘Smart Phone’ for “Baby Boomers” to loose! And they ain’t cheap!)