Three Gadgets That Could Change Your Life

From the IEEE, here’s video of a DLR’s robot, Rollin’s Justin, catching two balls at once.

… the robot is able to position itself within two centimeters of where it needs to be in a time window of only five milliseconds, which yields an impressive catch rate of better than 80 percent. That’s maybe not major league, but it could probably be little league, and undoubtedly there’s still some optimizing to do.


I have to say this: As a Red Sox fan, I think a catch rate of 80 percent is pretty good.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

Next up: If the love of your life is thousands of miles away, here’s something that can make your Skype experience more, um, intimate. A kiss transmission device. I won’t give you much detail on this. Just watch the video.


 Source: CrunchGear

Finger-nose stylus for touchscreen technology to the age-old question, “How can I minimize the risk of damage to my smartphone when I’m using it in the bathtub?” Technabob thinks this isn’t a real product, more like a spoof. So, another one I’ll post without comment.

[vimeo w=560&h=349]

Source: Technabob