Tech Support is Trying to Do Too Much with Too Little

Some good news if you’re looking for a job in tech support: Departments are understaffed and juggling too many requests, in turn leading to long wait times for people who are sure they have better things to do. While this isn’t new, a survey of CIOs by Robert Half found that support teams are, on average, 42 percent smaller than they should be.

CIOs like a 65 to 1 ratio of end users to technical support employees. The reality right now is a ratio of 112 to 1. Complicating things even more: New technologies are being introduced at breakneck speed.

Small firms — those with 100 – 249 employees — were the most understaffed. Mid-sized companies — with 250 – 449 employees — were closest to their ideal ratios.

Source: Robert Half

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  1. 65 to 1 ratio? Based on what statistics? Does that ratio result in a staff that is always busy with no “down time” to refresh, learn new skills, etc?

    Is anyone in IT triaging the requests? Are they being assigned correctly? Is the staff properly trained to provide support? Have the end-users been properly trained in order to reduce the number of support calls that do not actually require IT attention?