Sony Unveils Two Android Tablets, Codenamed S1 and S2

Sony Honeycomb Tablet, S1 and S2

Sony has finally made its debut in the tablet race, a year after the first generation iPad was released. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony decided to spend more time developing its tablets — just to be sure that they won’t be labelled as “half-baked” by reviewers, like the infamous Blackberry Playbook.

The Honeycomb (Android 3.0) Sony tablets are codenamed S1 and S2 respectively.

S1 is equipped with a 9.4-inch display, Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and has an “off-center of gravity form factor” — which really means a single-sided curved back. Kunimasa Suzuki, a Sony executive, says “it’s like holding a magazine.” With its built-in infrared transmitter, the S1 can also be used as a remote control for devices around the house.

On the other hand, S2 has a Nintendo DS-like form factor, a clamshell featuring two 5-inch displays, all powered by the same processor as S1. It’s designed with portability in mind, evident when Suzuki took it out from his jacket pocket.

Both the tablets are WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) compatible and are equipped with a front and rear camera. They’re also PlayStation Certified and DLNA supported.

They’ll be available globally by fall, but pricing’s still unknown. The S2, however, is expected to carry a heavier price tag than the S1.

Do you think Sony could reach its aim to be the No. 2 tablet maker (after Apple, of course) by 2012 with these devices?



Source: WSJ / Sony

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  1. I think that as a block, Android tablets may well exceed iPads in raw #s, but the Sonys, Motorolas and Samsungs of the world are going to have a hard time trying to go 1-on-1 vs Apple in this game.

    Apple got the jump on them *and* also leveraged their massive app store. Now if Android can start showing off how they have a slew of apps too, many of which are free, they can start making some serious inroads.