Microsoft Photosynth App Captures Interactive Panorama

Microsoft Photosynth logoThe Microsoft Photosynth app is yet more proof that innovation is not dead at Microsoft. Panorama photography on mobile phones is definitely not new. It was possible years back even on my old Nokia N82 with the help Panoman, a popular panorama app for Symbian.

But what Microsoft did in the new Photosynth app is different.

Instead of just capturing frames horizontally, you can also capture frames from any directions to create a fully interactive panorama.

When you are done, the frames will be stitched automatically and you can view the photograph on both the device and, if you choose to upload your creation. In the interactive viewer, you can turn your view in just any direction and experience the scene as if you’re there.

Think Google Street View, but for amateurs and both indoors and outdoors. Here’s an example.

The Photosynth app is currently only available on iOS devices, with a nice Windows Phone 7-ish interface (I like it) instead of featuring the typical iOS look and feel. The app will also land on Windows Phone’s marketplace pretty soon.

It’s really odd for Microsoft to release the app for iOS first instead of its own mobile platform. I can only imagine users of WP7 fuming after they learn that Microsoft is neglecting them in favor of iPhone users.

The iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store, free of course (really cool, try it out).

If you like all thing panorama, do check out GoPano micro too, an accessory for the iPhone 4 to record full 360º panoramic video.


Source: Bing Community

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  1. Matt Murray

    The reason they didn’t do this for the Windows Phone is because currently there is no API that allows developers to control the camera directly. There are plans though for this functionality to be added later this year!