Facebook vs. Winklevoss: Twins File 254th Appeal

They’re at it again, those crazy kids. The Winklevoss twins, the blisters that just won’t heal on Mark Zuckerberg’s feet, are still unhappy – I mean really, really unhappy. They just don’t think their settlement over charges Zuckerberg ripped off their work is fair.

Sticking Out His TongueYou probably already knew this. But just to make sure, they’re appealing last week’s ruling that they stop trying to back out of their settlement (for $20 million in cash and $45 million in Facebook stock) and go home.

Talk about perseverance. Says Wired:

Now the twins are asking for a full panel of judges from the 9th Circuit to revisit the ruling, arguing that the three-judge panel that snarkily dismissed their case ignored federal precedent about fraudulent settlements. That ruling said that the two had very good counsel and that they should be happy with what they got, because Facebook’s valuation keeps going up — reaching $80 billion at the most recent calculation.

Basically, the Winklevosses say the price initially set for their shares was too low, so they should have gotten more. Therefore, fraud was committed in fashioning the settlement, so it should be thrown out.

Don’t worry. I bet this particular soap opera won’t end any time soon. If the twins don’t like the full court’s ruling, they can go to the Supreme Court.