Apple’s Video Plans May Look a Lot Like Google’s

First Google says it’ll try to change TV-viewing habits by overhauling YouTube. Now there’s a fresh rumor that Apple may release a video service of its own.

TV Test PatternThe latest round of speculation was kicked off last week by Peter Misek, an analyst at investment bank Jefferies and Co. He says buzz from content providers and developers point to Apple launching a subscription-based service, possibly through a content box or the TV itself – in other words, something more like the tepidly welcomed Google TV than the existing AppleTV.

Google’s plan is to revamp YouTube so it can compete head on with both broadcast and Cable TV, as well as the likes of Netflix. Among other things, it plans a new home page for YouTube that will highlight about 20 channels centered on sports, arts and other topics.

Each channel will include several hours of original programming each week. The content will be “low cost,” though Google will supposedly spend as much as $100 million producing it. Other channels will be created from material already on the site. The Rebecca Black Show anyone?