Cisco’s New Certifications Focus on Core Strengths

On the day that Cisco announced it’s discontinuing the Flip, the network pioneer also unveiled a new set of specialized architecture certifications focusing on borderless networks, collaboration, and data center technologies.

ValetPartners who want to earn or maintain a gold or silver level status will have 18 months to pass the new certifications. Through this training, the company is retooling to sell platforms instead of specific products or technologies.

On the surface the move makes it appear that Cisco is abandoning the consumer market, but the company thinks just the opposite. Cisco’s vision is to leverage what it does best by building and supporting the backbone of products and services for those who deliver at the application layer. This includes expanding its home networking infrastructure to build video platforms into the home.

The program will require gold partners to pass all three certifications. Silver partners will need to pass one architecture specialization and one technology specialization. The new certs will be cheaper than partners are used to paying because they’ll require less lab time, and much of the training can be done online.

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  1. Anonymous

    I question the value of Cisco’s certifications as I recently took one of the expert level exams to find it riddled with typos, misconfigured equipment, and configurations that would NEVER be used in best practice or real world environments. I have quickly losing faith in the value of any Cisco cert.

  2. @ I question the value of Cisco’s certifications…

    Agreed, but for other reasons.
    Passed the CCNA a while back. Have been preparing for the CCNP, but don’t think I will waste my money on the exams. I have five years experience, but the pay is just not there anymore as is for almost any IT field.