GoPano micro Enables Full 360º Panoramic Video Recording on iPhone 4

Think panoramic photography is cool? Wait till you see some 360º panoramic videos in action. Introducing GoPano micro, a lens for the iPhone 4 to capture full 360º panoramic videos. Imagine not bothering to point the camera at any particular direction. Whichever way you are pointing the camera to, it will still capture footage from all directions simultaneously.


The end result is surreal at least to say. When the recorded video footage is playing, you can pan left or right to see what’s cooking at the other corner. While you do that, the video is still playing, everyone and everything is still moving. It feels like you are in the scene itself.

Try out this demo video and you will get what I mean.

The GoPano micro project has reached its $20,000 goal in just 6 days on Kickstarter, but is still accepting additional funds until May 14th. As of the time of writing, there are 1,339 backers pledging more than $75,000.

Backers who have pledged $50 or more will receive one of these neat lens as soon as they are produced. That is a $30 early bird savings considering the ultimate retail price would be $80.

If you’re not an iPhone 4 user, you are still not out of luck. The folks behind GoPano micro promise to bring the lens to other smartphones once the project is proven successful.

In what event would you use the GoPano micro if you get hold of one?