Logitech WH450N/GR 5GHz Router is Beyond Fast

My DSL connection is dog-slow, which is why I’m sitting here lusting for the new Logitech WH450N/GR 5GHz Router.

Sadly, it’s only available in Japan, so it will be a long time coming, but a girl can dream.

Check out this fact: The death-star looking router sports a whopping 450Mbps download speed. I am currently doing .69 Mbps, so you can see why a 450X boost makes me weak.

But Are We Generating Electricity with That Antenna?

It looks like a mini wind farm, but the technical term according to Logitech Japan is a “triple antenna router”. Set to retail for 19,950 Yen, or approximately $240 – the router will reach a supported 5GHz bandwidth on IEEE 802.11a/n.

Source: Logitech Japan