The Top 10 Most Prestigious IT Jobs?

Are These The Top 10 Most Prestigious IT Jobs? Here’s a list that seems designed to get people talking: The Top Ten IT Positions, ranked by prestige.

TechRepublic’s Alan Norton ranks the top 10 IT jobs, saying that, “This class structure within IT is largely unspoken but real nonetheless.”

Norton’s number one job is Systems Analyst.

The systems analyst is admired for his or her expertise in the multiple roles needed to build a successful system. They’re self-supervised and independent, and managers get out of their way and let them do their job. They are envied for their autonomy, high pay and challenging work. They earn admiration for their high level of education, knowledge and accomplishments. This unique combination puts the systems analyst at the top of the list.

The rest of the list:

2: Programmer

3: DBA

4: Project lead

5: System administrator

6: IT manager

7: Network administrator

8: Reporting specialist

9: Technician

10: Help desk analyst

Norton admits that, “Much of what I have written is totally unfair to the IT professional. Unfortunately, I believe it’s how many people perceive the IT roles I have listed – and perceptions can be difficult to overcome.” Click through to the full article to see more of his rationale.

Does these rankings reflect the reality where you work? Where do you fall on the list – and do you agree with it? Tell us by posting a comment below.