Mobile Development Moves into Biz Units


IT professionals have been marching out of the IT department and into business units for more than a decade. Now it looks like mobile app developers will be following in their footsteps.

I’m Cat Miller and this is Dice TV.

In 2011, corporate IT is expected to make significant investments in mobile technology because of the growing availability of 4G, smart phones and tablets. In fact Forrester Research is forecasting a shift to the “App Internet,” where the network is more about apps than browsers.

The biggest change may come as companies move away from rudimentary first-generation apps toward sophisticated, highly customized mobile ones, geared toward the specific needs of customers and users.

Instead of developing apps quickly and throwing features into the enterprise, IT will need to conduct a thorough needs analysis before developing solutions.

This means that mobile jobs will move into business units and create new opportunities for developers with strong communications and engineering skills, as well as opportunities for project managers and analysts – who are already in-demand.

How can you prepare? Learn the supporting languages and platforms for iPod, Android and iPhone. Also, get yourself business and functional expertise. But most importantly, you need to observe how employees use mobile devices and understand their challenges. That way you can suggest improvements, features, or even new applications that create revenue or increase efficiencies.

I’m Cat Miller, and this has been DiceTV. We now return you to your regular desktop.