Managers Say Colleges Aren’t Preparing Tech Grads for the Real World

I keep hearing that employers can’t find the people they need to fill their technology slots. There’s plenty of people out there, but the bosses say they don’t get applications from professionals with the right skill sets and certifications.

Now comes a survey from SHARE, an association focused on IBM users, saying companies are frustrated with the pipeline of entry level candidates who are coming out of college. Only 8 percent say the IT graduates they’ve hired are “ready to go.”

Not that such shortcomings prevent companies from hiring. Nearly half say they do bring on new grads.

And it’s not that they’re walking away from people with experience. A third are looking for professionals and managers who can bridge the divide between IT and business leaders (which seems to be practically a requirement these days). Project management, analytics/business intelligence and enterprise architecture skills are needed by more than half of the companies.

More than half – 59 percent – say they’re either currently hiring, or planning to hire, in the near to medium terms. They’re looking for programmers and systems analysts, database professionals, analysts and architects.

— Mark Feffer