IBM Wants to Hire Lots of People Who Know Consulting, Networking, Integration and Implementation

Aside from all the PR IBM’s getting as a result of Watson’s march toward world domination, the company’s business is looking pretty good. As its revenues increase across the board and its shares reach record highs, Big Blue needs to hire thousands of new people – right now.

On Dice, the firm has some 2,200 positions open in 31 states. One big concentration is in Washington, D.C., where it’s looking for nearly 250 engineers, project managers and architects. Most of these positions require consulting skills, since they involve working with the federal government. The company has six analytic solution centers in the area dedicated to helping agencies extract actionable insights from their data. Ohio has another large chunk of jobs.

Big Blue also needs nearly 200 people in California, specifically the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego. The most in-demand skills are consulting, networking, integration, and implementation. Also, Oracle, SAP, SAN, C, Java and Unix.

— Chandler Harris