SAP Jobs: Mobile Apps and Infrastructure

SAP Labs in Palo Alto is still looking for tech professionals, especially those experienced in mobile applications and infrastructure.

With last year’s acquisition of Sybase in the East Bay community of Dublin, SAP wants to make its enterprise applications run on handheld devices. “Sybase has a strong platform in place and we’re looking to build mobile applications on top of their development infrastructure,” says says Rami Branitzky, managing director of SAP Labs in North America. Some of the key areas for job growth will be in mobile development, cloud development, and security. “We did bring a lot of talent to the lab, but we are not going to see yesterday’s growth this year.”

The SAP Labs chief says the job market is robust for those who have the right skills. “It’s a good job market if you have strong developer skills,” he believes.

— Doug Bartholomew

One Response to “SAP Jobs: Mobile Apps and Infrastructure”

  1. The quote “we are not going to see yesterday’s growth this year” is not clear. He never actually SAYS SAP labs is looking for talent, only that they want to build new apps and the job market is good. Can you confirm he said that?