DiceTV Update: Where to Find All Those Jobs in Information Security

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPz9CJdfGwE?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=340]

Our most Recent Dice Report confirms that a lot of security jobs are out there. Postings that included security skills rose 109 percent year on year. Both the federal government and private sector companies are actively hiring.

11 Responses to “DiceTV Update: Where to Find All Those Jobs in Information Security”

  1. you will find that in the IT world , most employers don’t really care about where you have graduated from (as long as its not a fake degree of course) but rather the knowledge you pose during your interview. Most employers want to know if you know what you are talking about and if you are dependable and nothing more really. This has been my experience in the IT world at least.

  2. In my experience over the years, companies haven’t placed too much priority on the security aspects of their company operations. I always place an emphasis on the importance of securing customer infrastructure and implementing a back up of course. Their should be more job postings in security but I think with the way the economy has been , it is a little harder to see them.

  3. Chris Kleinke

    This is encouraging. I am planning on getting a BS degree in Information Systems Security, but trying to figure out what university/college is better or more recognized than the other. I am trying to decide between American Public University and American Sentinel University. APUS is regionally and nationally accredited and ASU is nationally accredited. I also plan on getting a couple certifications to go with my degree possibly the Securtiy+ and Network+. Any information or input on this subject please email me at kleinkeklan@yahoo.com

  4. John Harwell

    I wanted to make a constructive criticism. I thought the video was informative.
    It was more than a little distracting watching the managing editor looking away from the camera while he was obviously reading from a script laid out away from the camera.
    I would consider placing script closer to the camera where it isn’t so distracting watching you turn away. Maybe a teleprompter, or clip the sheet below the camera lens.
    Not trying to be too critical, but it was very distracting.

  5. Aaron Blankenbeker

    This worries me slightly. I’ve been working on breaking into the InfoSec industry for a couple of years, getting certifications and what not. But now this seems to be the new “hot commodity” in the tech sector. Does this mean there’s going to be a massive influx of people who may or may not be able to actually do the job, thus making it that much harder for everyone else to get the jobs? Or is it possible this is going to be the next dot com bust? Now I wonder if I’m making wise career decisions by pursuing this.

  6. Jeff herrington

    the new jobs are great the problem with the new laws coming into affect in the USA and Canada 1 March 2011 .I spoke to 1 company now that they have to pay thier ISPs for every download or action they do over the network.Those jobs and many of the servers will be done out of America where they can download for free.I hope he is wrong that these new laws will hurt the I.T. trade as he predicts.

  7. david kwabena ricketts

    Am electrical/electronic engineer,i was a mariner on board the ship,i need to progress high achieve a standard,with due respect,pls find a job for me any of electrical /electronic field.

  8. steven sanchez

    how do I apply for these jobs working for the government it seems so impossible I have two year degree in IT and military service and ex law enforcement offficer and I am doing segurity guard work please help me get a government job