Send Us Pictures of Your Cube, Your Desk, or Wherever It Is You Work

Do you buy into the open floor plans that can be seen everywhere from new home
construction to banks and airport terminals? Or do you, the IT geek, want solitude
and isolation to ponder technology?

The IT profession
attracts people who multitask in the extreme, declares a tech manager who
oversees a staff of 15 at a U.S.-based grocery chain. These types of workers
need some privacy to stay on task without interruptions sending them off in
even more new directions, she says.

On the other hand:

Practitioners of the Agile
Software Development movement have even come up with templates for office
furniture arrangements that are physical embodiments of the Agile principles of
openness and collaboration. (But some think) asking programmers or network
administrators to do their jobs in an open space where noise, distractions and
interruptions abound can be akin, for some of them at least, to departmental

We’re all hypersensitive to our workspaces, and we all want
them to be just right. Which give us an idea: Send us pictures of your cube (or
your office, or your desk at home, or wherever it is you work.) We won’t post
your name, but be sure to tell us your title and where you’re located. Just
e-mail it here.

— Don Willmott