To Get the Employer’s Attention, Show Off Your Ability to Drive Revenue and Retain Customers

You don’t have to be an executive to benefit from the resume recommendations made by Linda Tucci in
Although Tucci gears her comments toward CIOs, even IT staffers can enhance
their marketability by following her tips.

Basic Tips that Apply
to Everyone

starters, it should be two pages long, with accomplishments ordered
chronologically and in context. Employers want to see the story of your career,
from beginning to end. Provide the scope, scale and geographic details of the
projects you choose to highlight. And please, no videos or other multimedia

2011 Trends

First, it’s not
about what you did, but how you did it. “Companies balance the
quantitative with the qualitative, and sometimes the qualitative can be more

Next, CIOs want
to know more than “I did more with less.”

“(You) must
point to a higher outcome than saving money,” said Bruce Barnes, president of
Bold Vision LLC, a consulting firm based in Dublin, Ohio. “It is less about
cost-cutting nowadays and more about: How did the business change or gain a
material advantage, as a direct result of your tenure?'”

Innovation and creativity are the watchwords.

Finally, Tucci
notes that CIOs are being asked to monetize their IT assets and intellectual
property. So, dollarizing your accomplishments is a good way to demonstrate how
much you can bring to the table for any prospective employers.

— Leslie Stevens-Huffman