DiceTV: The Skills to Learn in 2011

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The Script

Happy New Year! The. Party. Is. Over. That means out with
the old and in with the new. If you’re determined to boost your career and your
paycheck in 2011, then you’ve probably created a list of resolutions.

But if you don’t have hot technical skills or
certifications, you may fall short of your goal. Well don’t worry, because we’ve
surveyed the experts and today we’re revealing what’s hot for 2011.

I’m Cat miller and this is Dice TV.

There’s a growing demand for IT professionals who know
mobile operating languages like Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile. Acquire
hands-on experience by downloading the software, creating an app and having it
critiqued by experienced engineers.

In a recent survey, 43 percent of companies plan to hire
project managers in 2011. You may be able to transition into the role because
some employers plan to close the gap by training current staff members.

Programming and application development are making a
comeback in 2011. Cash-in by refreshing your skills and learning rapid
programming or an agile methodology because CIOs need just-in-time development

You can write your own ticket if you have virtualization
experience and software knowledge in areas such as: storage, security or
infrastructure design.

BI skills and knowledge of Web 2.0 programs like: Adobe
Flex, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, AJAX
and JavaScript-Object-Notation will continue to be in-demand in 2011 along with
database expertise, but to capitalize you’ll need business knowledge and the
ability to turn data into actionable information.

Become an embedded IT specialist by learning CRM,
accounting, supply chain or HRIS applications along with the associated
business function.

Between the growth in offshoring and the cloud, there’s a
huge demand for IT professionals who can manage third party vendors and secure
data in offsite locations.

IT professionals who upgrade their education or acquire
business acumen can substantially boost their earning power. Attend a
specialized program for technology professionals, earn an MBA, or a
certification in one of these hot categories and you’ll be on your way to
achieving your goals in 2011.

I’m Cat Miller and this has been DiceTV. We now return
you to your regular desktop.


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  1. Jon K. Evans

    I earned a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Technical Communications in 1996. It took 4 years to get a job in my field. Then, I lost the job during a restructuring. I haven’t had another Technical Writing job since. How can I restart the ONLY skill I have?

    Reply per the E-Mail posted above