What Are IT Hiring Managers Looking For?

The people doing the hiring in the
technology arena these days have a five-point
wish list
for candidates they hope to see. Though they may seem
kind of obvious, they’re a good reminder of where your head – and your resume – needs
to be as you step into an interview situation. Here’s Internet.com’s list:

What Are IT Hiring Managers Looking For?Good Communication Skills

Hiring managers want candidates for IT jobs who can
speak knowledgeably with technology experts and can also explain computer
issues to non-technical employees.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Computer systems are becoming more complex every day, and
IT professionals need to be able to expand a system and make adjustments as
needed by the company. Most computer systems are under constant attack from
spammers, viruses, and even the system¿s own users. Important IT job skills
include the ability to quickly identify a problem and fix it — a company’s
productivity and profits often depend on this.


IT managers often are on call and need to be ready to
help reboot or troubleshoot the computer system at night or on weekends.
(Sad but true.)


Computer network architects and database
administrators should have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field,
although some employers prefer applicants with an MBA with a concentration in
information systems. IT job candidates with courses in finance, marketing,
accounting, and management, as well as database management, electronic
business, and systems management and design really shine.


Companies also are looking for a person whose
personality and nature fits in with their company and existing employees…One of
the most important interview tips for IT professionals: show a willingness to
learn – Companies are more likely to hire a candidate with less experience if he
or she demonstrates the ability to learn on the job.

— Don Willmott

2 Responses to “What Are IT Hiring Managers Looking For?”

  1. Lets Be Real

    The first thing IT hiring managers are looking for is ‘cheap’. The first question out of their mouths is “what is your best rate?”. IT managers are NEVER on call for nights and weekends – that is what the workers are forced to do. Schedules are cut and poor designs are implemented because it is cheap and the manager knows they won’t be required to answer the 2AM call. Numerous times have provided designs that would require delaying processing when source systems send junk, but the managers always say to “force it through and fix it later” which means lots of unpaid o/t.