Twitter’s Putting Money into Growing its Staff

You’ve probably heard that Twitter just raised another $200 million from investors. It plans to
use much of the money to continue hiring the tech people it needs to keep its
services expanding and its user base growing. (By the way, the total amount of
money it’s raised to date is about $360 million.)

Twitter's Putting Money into Growing Its StaffIn the past year the company has grown from 130 people to
more than 350. Just this week, it acquired Fluther, a question-and-answer site, as a way to
get hold of its engineering talent.

Twitter likes to bring on new people by way of acquisitions. But
still, the company hires people directly when it finds the right fit. And what
kind of people might that be?

Twitter wouldn’t return our calls seeking comment. But in a blog
post, the company explained:

More than half of our employees work in engineering and
operations and those teams continue to grow as we attract more and more
talented people interested in the challenges of building a global information
network.¿ said a Dec. 21 Twitter blog post.

Twitter views recruiting and views its own
employees as some of its best recruiters. If any Twitter employee knows of, or
happens to run across a talented person, they can reach out themselves to begin
the recruiting process. 

Unlike Google and Facebook, Twitter
doesn’t say much about what it likes in a candidate’s schooling. Instead, it prefers
to find people who are passionate about innovating and being part of growing
its site.

You can keep with its recruiting activities by
@jointheflock or @TwitterEng. 

— Chandler Harris

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