DiceTV Update: Why You Should Keep Job Hunting Through the Holidays

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The Script

So it’s been a long year. I bet you can’t wait for the holidays. But if you’re thinking of taking a break from your job search – well, it’s not a good idea. We’ll talk about why on this DiceTV Update for Friday, Dec. 10, 2010.

Contrary to popular belief, the weeks leading up to the holidays are a great time for your job search. It could even be good time to get more aggressive. See, the myth that  managers don’t take calls or respond to e-mail around the holidays is just that – a myth. For a lot of them, things have quieted down. They have more time to pick up the phone and talk. Believe me, no manager is going to be insulted just because you called when the holidays are coming. In fact, December may be the best time to get noticed because so many other job seekers have temporarily given up the hunt.


It’s like Isaac Newton said, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. If you stop your job hunt now, it’ll be that much harder to get going again. And look at it this way: You wouldn’t stop job hunting during the last three weeks in June – even though July 4th‘s coming up. Ultimately, the date on the calendar is arbitrary. If you stop, you’ll slow yourself down – and hurt your odds.


So keep to your routine. Each day, get dressed, right down to your shoes. Start at 8, conduct your searches, keep networking, take lunch, and finish at your usual time. Send holiday cards. Not religion-specific of course. And send notes to people who’ve helped you – the folks who’ve referred you, your references, folks like that.


Finally, set goals. Decide you’ll send this number of resumes and make that number of phone calls. But remember – don’t blast out too many, and be sure to customize your approach for each company. You may not get hired before the new year. But you’ll sure be off to strong start come January.


That’s it for now. We’re shifting our schedule a bit ¿ I’ll post our next Update on Monday, December 20. Cat Miller’s sticking to her schedule, though. She’ll be here Wednesday.