Daily News Byte: New Orleans Real Estate Brought Down By Hard Drive

If ever there was a city that should have embraced cloud services, it would be New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, network administrators could see first hand the vulnerability of locally stored data. In
the Civil District Court clerk’s office, the city is losing billions of dollars of transactions because of a hard drive failure. The problem has prevented online
checks for liens, judgments, and lawsuits. City Councelwoman
Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, who’s also a Realtor, says, "We’re scared to death until we get this fixed." Right now all searches are being done manually by poring over books. [NPR]

— Dino Londis

One Response to “Daily News Byte: New Orleans Real Estate Brought Down By Hard Drive”

  1. Gene Jackson

    Well this is an interesting news flash. After being involved in the Tech Industry for more than 19 years, I was taught you always back up data and also a disastor recovery program should be in place in case of such an event.

    I am curious about the IT department in a city environment that could not provide backup disk data or tape data back up.With decent salaries for IT personnel, this is a disgrace to the people of the city. I mean even junior personnel run tape or hard drive backups.

    So what would be the new plan after recovery, i,m wondering. or is there even one considered???