Tuesday’s News Roundup

Techs are bracing themselves as the Mississippi Senate meets
to discuss ways of saving money in the state budget. "There are plenty of
opportunities for saving in the information technology field that various state
agencies need to embrace for consideration, outsourcing and streamlining." [Y’all Politics]

There’s plenty of room for green IT as the carbon cost of technology climbs. According to a recent
study the IT, telecom, and entertainment sectors produce 3 percent of
global greenhouse gases. That’s 1 percent below the carbon produced by the
airline industry. The cost of processing spam alone is enough to power 2
million homes. [Environmental

After months of reporting steady job growth, North Carolina saw static growth for IT workers during October. [Business

According to Forrester, nearly half the firms surveyed are
supporting two or more mobile operating systems, and just over half support
employee owned devices. Nearly 30 percent support iOS, and 13 percent
officially support Android. [TMC]

Florida’s recovery will depend on building its high-tech
sector. Aerospace, medicine and IT could produce 15 percent of the state’s
economic growth over the next five years. The state can no longer depend on
real estate and constructions as engines of growth. [PRNewswire

— Dino Londis