IT Buffers Economic Hardships

U.S. economic stress dipped in September to a 16-month low. Counties with high concentrations of IT and professional jobs suffered less hardship than those with heavy proportions of retail and real estate. [AP Via Google]

Doctors converting to electronic health records must consider the safety of their patients’ – and even their own – personal information. “A little information is being stolen all the time. But collectively we’re leaking confidential patient data like a giant sieve.” [Medscape]

IBM launched Battle of the Brains, a competition where teams of computer science students compete to solve real-world problems for scholarships and bragging rights. [Smarthouse]

Shop to Help Others in Charlotte, N.C., is hiring 75 new employees, including some with experience in IT, Web design and social media. [FOX Charlotte]

If you can’t beat ‘em…. According to mobile services company Boxtone, more than three-quarters of IT executives plan to deploy some version of the tablet in the next 12 months. And over half of those surveyed plan to deploy at least one company-specific app for the devices. [Baltimore Sun]

— Dino Londis