Silicon Valley Employment Levels Recovering Faster than Bay Area

While the economic recovery has the legs of a
wounded duck, Silicon Valley’s comeback looks
like it’s just taking flight.   

Silicon Valley Employment Levels Recovering Faster Than Bay AreaA report released by the Business
Forecasting Center
at the University of the Pacific in Stockton predicts the Valley’s economic engine
is likely to recover faster than the rest of Northern
California. The report says the San
Jose metropolitan area "continues to be the only area in Northern California that is clearly recovering." The
Center forecast job growth at a rate of 3 percent next year and in 2012.  

Speaking at a Bay Area Council meeting in Santa
Clara, John Haveman of Beacon Economics in San
Rafael, an economic analysis firm, predicted that Silicon Valley
will "bounce back faster than either the East
Bay or San Francisco." Employment in IT, including telecommunications, Internet service providers,
Web portals and data management – which had slipped 8 percent during the
recession – already has returned to its normal growth rate, he said.

Valley Boom in Temp Jobs Could Signal Growth for Full Time Slots

Temporary positions in Silicon Valley
jumped by 14.6 percent compared to a year ago, according to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics.
And while the numbers aren’t great – there are about 18,000 temp jobs in
Silicon Valley – the figure is is widely viewed as a precursor to
growth in full-time employment.

The downside, of course, is that temp jobs tend to pay less
than full-time positions. For instance, in Santa Clara County,
the average annual wage for temporary workers was $43,700 in 2009 versus
$82,000 for full-timers.

Fast Growing Super
Micro To Boost Staff by

One San Jose
company that’s looking to beef up its workforce is Super Micro Computer,  a maker of servers and related
products, which plans to add 220 workers in 2011, with a focus on  hardware engineering talent. The company already employs more than 60 engineers who focus on power supply systems.

With about 1,100 employees, most located in Silicon Valley, Super Micro’s revenues were up 43 percent
last year. At the same time, the company’s workforce expanded by about 20

Of Top 10 Fields for
New Grads, Four Hottest are in Technology

Of the 10 hottest occupational fields for newly minted college graduates, the top four are in
IT. The list, compiled by University
of California San Diego Extension,
is based on enrollment figures, national employment statistics, and interviews
with area business executives. 

Leading the list are healthcare IT, mobile media,
data mining, and embedded engineering. For the most part, healthcare IT
jobs in demand are those needed to implement the switchover from paper to
digital medical records – healthcare integration engineer, healthcare systems
analyst, clinical IT consultant, and technology support specialist.

— Doug Bartholomew