Monday’s News Roundup

According to staffing firm Manpower, information technology and engineering, saw modest payroll increases in October. "People waited longer
to hire full-time than in past recessions, but now we’re starting to see
it." [iMarket News]

Faced with the difficulties of attracting local talent, many
companies are opening branch offices near labor pools that were once
unavailable, while others are covering home sale losses during relocation.
Still others are allowing telecommuting. [Wall
Street Journal

InformationWeek survey revealed
that 44 
percent of
technology professionals say they run more than five separate websites supporting sales, support, vendors, marketing, and
. Fourteen percent of respondents said they manage more than 50
sites. [InformationWeek]

Consumerization of IT doesn’t necessarily mean Apple or
Droid squeezing their way into the enterprise. Many consumers who have Windows
7 on their laptops are asking IT departments to shelve XP in favor of the new OS. [CIO]

Another day, another guess about IT spending. This one says CIOs should expect limited increases in resources and
budgets in the year to come and make do with what is currently in place. [Computer

— Dino Londis