DiceTV Update: Can You Get Feedback When You Didn’t Get the Job?


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A couple of weeks ago, we ran a poll asking whether you seek feedback from HR or hiring managers after you’ve been turned down for a job. Only 18 percent either speak to HR or the hiring manager to ask why they didn’t get the job. But another 30 percent don’t try at all. And more than half of you – 52 percent – said you’d like to – except no one gets back to you when you try. That’s too bad. A company gains when they return those calls. They help their reputation and their managers improve their reputation. Those are good things – and probably more important in the long run than the time and any legal worries they have.

Tech professionals can expect to see starting salaries increase an average of 3.4 percent next year. Robert Half Technologysays base compensation should rise for those in high-demand career fields: Applications and Web development, data security and ERP. Plus, more social media and a need for customer-facing technologies have created additional demand. Industries who’ll particularly need IT help: business services, transportation and healthcare. Half says an increasing focus on improving efficiency, managing assets and securing data has increased demand – which means pay goes up, too.

A new survey says IT managers may have more money to spend next year, and back-burnered projects may finally get some attention. The survey by Wedbush was published on ZDNet. So, what’s on CIO’s minds? Sixty six percent say implementation of new software platforms is critical. That’s up from 47 percent in the second quarter. Network deployments in security, routing and switching, collaboration and performance management are all top priorities. Video and voice collaboration are also critical. And slightly more than half of the tech executives said shifting data warehouse projects to appliance deployments was a big priority. Remember – what CIOs are thinking of
implementing is where they’re probably thinking of hiring.

DiceTV Update: Can You Get Feedback When You Didn't Get the Job?