Tuesday’s News Roundup

Larger companies are allowing employees to change careers
without changing companies. In the interest of employee retention, the
corporate ladder looks more like a lattice, allowing employees to move up,
laterally, or even down, if it suits their lifestyle. [Human Resources
Executive Online

Decisions made in the corporation are often determined by
the software that’s installed. Companies that employ Enterprise Resource
Planning software (ERP) get a more democratized bottom up decision, whereas companies
that rely on email will get decisions pushed from the top. [Harvard Business School]

Flooded with too much information? You’re not alone. An
international study of white collar workers found that 51 percent spend half
their day managing information rather than doing something with that
information. Anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 half the information they deal with in a
day is irrelevant [ReadWriteWeb]

Although it may seem that Apple is the number one mobile
phone vendor, they are actually fourth. This week Apple officially surpassed
RIM, which has moved to the fifth spot. The top three makers are Nokia, Samsung, and LG Electronics. [ReadWriteWeb]

Those who are cash strapped, but want a good education can
log on to literally hundreds of top Universities to take courses at no
charge. Started by M.I.T. in 2001, Harvard, Yale, and the University of
Michigan have opened large portions of their curriculum including project
management and coding classes. [New
York Times

–Dino Londis