Tuesday’s News Roundup

The skills most in demand for 2011 will be programming
and application development, according to a study by ComputerWorld. Employers are also keen for project management, helpdesk and networking professionals. [ComputerWorld]

IT jobs in North Carolina are growing fast. In August, the state reported 4,560 technology job openings, a 15 percent increase from July. There are currently 1,400 positions for people skilled in systems engineering alone. [Local Tech Wire] 

The New York State
Department of Health
infused $109 million in grant funding to 11 healthcare
organizations to build a state-wide health IT infrastructure. [Government Health IT]

Connecticut will receive more than $90 million in federal stimulus money
to improve high-speed Internet access for schools and libraries, and
for advanced communications systems for public safety personnel. [TMC.net] 

Commercial and public sector CIOs plan to
increase capital expenditures by 3 percent this year, funded in part by a 1.3
percent cut in operating budgets, says research from Gartner. Smaller organizations are reporting higher IT spending than larger ones. [ComputerWeekly.com]

Security software companies are fast becoming targets for
mergers and acquisitions as the demand for cyber security grows. [WSJ]

–Chandler Harris