DiceTV Update: San Jose Needs Software Experts

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Lots of Jobs in Silicon Valley

There are more than
6,500 jobs on Dice for the San Jose,
Calif., area
. I’m including San Francisco and the East Bay
in that. There’s demand Besides
software development, design, implementation, and integration. And also more specific
skills like Java, Javascript, testing, SQL, Linux, Oracle, and HTML/HTTP. The companies looking
include Salesforce.com, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, VMWare, TeamSoft,
Teachscape, and Blackhawk Network.

Turns Out the iPad’s a Business Tool After All

A lot of companies
that don’t like consumer technology like the iPad. This is from The Wall
Street Journal. The newspaper, website
or whatever it is now says some of the iPad’s huge sales numbers have been
driven by business. In fact, half of the
Fortune 100 are either testing or deploying them. There’s more than 500
business apps available, including some that allow VPN access. Some of the sales are
coming from companies that want to get ahead of their employees. They know
they’re going to hear demand for iPads, so they want to be ready. Besides, they know a
lot of people are going to use them for work, no matter what the corporate
policy is.

Wall Street Needs Technology Smarts

Wall Street doesn’t
really like financial reform very much, but it looks like it’s going to be good
for tech hiring. Financial companies
are ramping up recruitment. They’re looking for programmers,
database administrators, and operating systems specialists. In particular, they
need programmers. Companies want experts in C, C++, C#, J2EE and Perl. They also want specialists
in risk analytics.One thing, though: To
work on Wall Street, you’ve got to understand how the business works.

— Mark Feffer

DiceTV Update: San Jose Needs Software Developers