Someone’s Got to Install All Those Wireless Systems in New York’s Subways

Despite enormous cutbacks and fare hikes in the New
York Subway System, MTA is moving ahead with plans to make every subway
platform wireless, creating scores of jobs in the process. 
In a $200 million six year project, the MTA
has subcontracted Transit Wireless and Q-Wireless to install and maintain
wireless routers to provide both WiFi service cellular services.

Alex Mashinsky CEO of Q-Wireless, one of the
companies participating in the installation, told Dice, "W
e plan to hire at least thirty
people to manage and implement the network in the 277 stations and then
maintain it going forward."

The job
description is what you would expect Mashinsky said, "We will need everything
from RF engineers and technicians to guys who can help wire the stations.
We are waiting to appoint a new CEO who will
be putting together specific job descriptions and organizational

Jobs to develop the infrastructure and network
design are not available because the research and planning was completed three
years ago before the project was halted due to a lack of funding. 

Transit Wireless will retrofit six stations near
14ths Street on Manhattan’s West Side in the next two years. 
After that, techs will install and configure
the remaining 271 stations over then following four years.

"Stations could be completed at a rate of ten to
fifteen a month," said Mashinsky. 
The work could be extended to wire
the subway cars as well, but no date has been given on that.

There are
currently no plans to wire the LIRR or MetroNorth trains or stations as the
city postponed a RFP.

— Dino Londis