DiceTV: Getting Better Access to Conference Speakers

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmUnZmAiXqo?rel=0&w=560&h=340]

Ever go to a conference and you’re really fascinated by one of the
speakers. You must talk to them. You’ve got a question, a business
opportunity, or you’d just like to let them know that you’re a big fan.
Problem is, given the way conferences are traditionally structured, the
only time you have is that mad rush to the stage right after the

There’s not much time. Get up there quickly. People queue
up to chat. Shove business cards. And all the while this is happening
the conference organizer is trying to move you out so they can begin the
next session. If you’re lucky enough to talk to the speaker, you
better have your elevator pitch ready because that’s all the time you’ll

Entrepreneur tech conference BizTechDay hopes to change that
conference model by making its speakers more available by scheduling
speaker “office hours” or a “genius bar.” I chatted with
BizTechDay’s producer, Gabe Brown, about his conference’s approach and
its first event in Seattle.

— David Spark