Thursday’s News Roundup

Cisco Systems, which has already added 2,100 employees in the
quarter just ended, plans to add another 3,000 over the next several periods. Sales have been strong, especially in emerging markets. [Computerworld]

Add outsourcing to the list of industries facing a paradigm
shift. "New players, which have yet to enter the market will soon rule
the industry," says Arjun Sethi of A.T. Kearney. Traditional players like
Xerox and Accenture are most vulnerable. [Computerworld]

The gaming industry added $5 billion to the U.S. economy in
2009. The industry employs 120,000 people
directly or indirectly, with nearly 53,000 in California alone. The industry’s annual growth rate from 2005-2009 exceeded
10 percent, more than the U.S. economy’s growth rate
during the same period, says the Entertainment Software Association. [Digital Media Wire]

Arizona’s Convergys plans to hire 300 call center
personnel to support customers in TV and Net Entertainment. The hiring
will boost its support workforce by 50 percent. [Trading Markets]

Illinois employers will be prevented from checking job applicants’ credit beginning 2011. The new law also prevents employers from promoting or firing existing employees based on their credit scores. Some are exempt, such as those in banking, insurance or national security, or employees who hold trade secrets. [Business Insurance]

The U.S. faces a 50/50 chance of a double dip recession if the number of unemployed fails to improve. Yale Professor Robert Schiller, wants to see Congress take action much like the Federal Reserve to combat the downturn because unemployment may not self-correct. [MarketWatch]

–Dino Londis