Cost-Cutting Boosts Market for Contractors

Some contracting
firms see a promising dynamic at work as CIOs spend money again: While many
companies want to upgrade their technology, they need to be cost conscious
while they do it. And that’s good news.

Contracting CodeIn Memphis, the
local office of Zycron Information Technology
is hiring as clients turn to tech consultants to reduce costs, says
the Memphis Business Journal. "Saying we would double (headcount by adding
50 people) would be a bit much, but we’re well on our way," CEO Steven Howard Smith told the newspaper.

Virtualization’s had
a role to play in this, of course, as businesses jettisoned their own servers
in favor of outsourced solutions. While you’d expect large companies to be
pursuing such tactics, "you’d be surprised at the number of small- to
mid-size companies taking advantage of this as well," said Stephanie Drouillard, Memphis branch manager
for Robert Half.

When those servers
were jettisoned, so were a lot tech staffers. In turn, that means companies
like Zycron aren’t having a lot of trouble finding good IT professionals for
open slots.

— Mark Feffer